About Us

Scrappin' Stuff was born out of a need to continue a hobby I fell in love with. Around 1997 a Creative Memories Consultant moved into the US Embassy and introduced Scrapbooking to Bern, Switzerland. When she and her family were transferred to another posting, there was no other source for buying supplies. My trips back home to San Antonio, Texas were consumed with finding supplies to bring back to Switzerland. You can imagine how much all this stuff weighed. After one of my trips and buying a suitcase just to fit all my cargo, my husband lovingly suggested I import the products for myself and my growing circle of scrapbooking friends. I think he was worried about his back. Since then, scrapbooking has come to Europe in a big way.

It is our mission to keep up with the ever changing trends this hobby has to offer, while at the same time, offering the best in service and customer satisfaction.

At Scrappin' Stuff, scrapbooking and card making is not just a hobby, its a social event. We offer our workshop room free of charge and the use of punches, rubber stamps, and other reusable tools are included in the price!!!! Can't get better than that.

If you can't find a product on the site, contact us. If we can't get it, we'll help you find where you can. That's all a part of our "Texas Friendly" service!!!

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