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Conditions of Use

You can use a shopping cart to select goods without being registered. But before checkout, you will be asked for your details. When you return for future visits you will be recognized and won't need to provide details again. For this to work a small piece of data is put on your computer (known as a cookie). Naturally if you have set your browser to disable cookies this will not work.

Please be assured that we value your business and your privacy - all details you supply will be treated in strict confidence and not divulged to any third parties.


All orders are confirmed to you by e-mail. (Your e-mail address is requested in the checkout procedure). You will receive an automated confirmation indicating that your order is being processed. If we have questions or want to respond to any points you have raised, we will e-mail or call you before sending out the order. (There is a space for queries in the checkout procedure.) We will ship your order within 2 -5 business days.


When you order from us, you'll receive the items in just a few days, along with a payment slip that includes postage and handling within Switzerland. If we have any questions, or if an item is out of stock, we will notify you before anything is shipped. Shipping is charged according to Swiss postal rates, and payment is due within 15 days.

If you have any unease about ordering over the Internet, you can e-mail us a list of the items you want, or print out the Checkout page and send it to us by fax or post. (See contact details at foot of page.)


Prices are subject to change, due to fluctuating exchange rates and product availability. We try every attempt to keep the website updated, please accept our apologies for out of stock items. Images may also vary slightly from actual products.